Your MC's Run Sheet Top Ten Considerations

Planning the biggest day of your life can be pretty overwhelming, whether you’re having the wedding of the century or an intimate gathering of family and close friends. There are so many pieces that need to fall into place for the perfect celebration. You’ll find that an MC Wedding Run Sheet can be a lifesaver.  

But that’s not all. I mean, not every wedding is going to run the same way, and, let’s admit, “life happens”. There will be things that don’t go according to plan on the day. Being aware of some of these common pitfalls can keep things running smoothly.


1)         Maintain updated MC Wedding Run Sheet versions 

In the lead-up to the big event, you’ll be making countless updates and amendments to the Run Sheet timings. Then you’ll need to circulate the updates to your key stakeholders so that they can arrange their own schedules. Just make sure that each update is clearly labelled with a version number to avoid confusion around which one is the most current.

2)         Keep the list of key events in order 

So, you’ve listed all of the important moments that you want your wedding to contain, and then the music you’d like, and then the people who’ll have roles to play. But on the day, the MC needs to be able to follow along from start to finish in an easy flow. Compile the MC Wedding Run Sheet so that the key moments and accompanying notes are sorted in the exact chronological order they’re planned to occur. 

3)         Match the MC Wedding Run Sheet with the Reception Venue’s plan 

You’ve sorted out all of your timings and are happy with the planned flow of your special day. But what happens when the Reception Venue has a different idea? It’s so important to check-in with the venue and compare the final Run Sheet for consistency, about 48 hours before the wedding. Particularly check that meal service and plate clearing don’t clash with speeches. 

4)         Ensure everyone is “on the same page”

 Don’t leave people guessing, or assume that everyone else will follow your lead. At the start of the wedding, distribute copies of the final MC Wedding Run Sheet to other vendors, for example, the photographer, videographer, performers, etc. This communication clearly ensures all of your wedding vendors on the night are on "the same page" for creating your memorable celebration.


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5)         Set the scene and background mood

You can help set the scene for the Ceremony and build anticipation by having background atmosphere music for your guests, say 30min prior to the Bride walking down the aisle. Likewise make your guests feel welcome and ready to enjoy themselves with some background tunes comfortably before the start of the Reception. 

6)         Add more memories to your Wedding Reception Entrance 

Why not enjoy your favourite part of that important song for your very special entrance? The Wedding Party’s Reception Entrance might only take 90 seconds or so. The song to be played then for this moment might only need a verse plus a chorus (and not the entire song), so ensure the most meaningful lyrics are set to play for you. 

7)         Flexibility is key – except when it’s not 

During the Reception, be prepared for the MC Wedding Run Sheet to be slightly flexible. Unexpected things will always happen, and it’s important that any on-the-night changes are communicated immediately to the wedding couple and other vendors. Just be aware of the meal service timing at the Reception Venue, which cannot be easily changed. 

8)         Ah, the Wedding Dance. It’s your party…! 

The Wedding Dance can be a little daunting for some couples. Knowing that there are no rules about how this is done, can take the pressure off. Some might choose to have the dance at the very start of the Reception (even upon the couple’s entrance and before sitting at the Wedding Table) whilst other couples choose for this moment to be after the speeches. It's your wedding and so the timing of the Wedding Dance is your choice! 

9)         Clearly recorded speeches make for great memories 

You’re capturing memories to enjoy for years to come. So it's important the speeches are said without distractions and are easily videoed. Be careful that any clearing of plates, etc by the catering staff is finalised before the speeches. You’ll avoid the distracting noises of clashing plates, and lessen the chances of catering staff accidentally photo-bombing the speech videos. 

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10)      Don’t wear out your welcome – aim to finish on time 

Now that the main event has gone off without a hitch – except of course the part about getting hitched – there’s still one thing to keep an eye on, getting away before being charged for extra time. The wedding couple should aim to finalise their good-byes (e.g. the Guard of Honour) about 15min before the closing time that was booked with the venue. This then gives enough time for the guests to happily leave the venue by the close of the evening. 

You’re all set for a day to remember 

Yes, there’s a lot involved in preparing for such a special day to remember. Thinking ahead can help create an exceptional experience for the happy couple and guests, as well as save stress, headaches and extra costs.  

Over to you 

If you’re thinking by now that having an experienced MC on board your wedding team would be ideal, then we’re here to help. We’ve been through all of the above and more, so you wouldn’t even need to think about what could go wrong – we’ve got you covered. To replace your wedding stresses with great wedding memories, simply click here.


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