Your MC's Run Sheet Top Ten Considerations

Planning the biggest day of your life can be pretty overwhelming, whether you’re having the wedding of the century or an intimate gathering of family and close friends. There are so many pieces that need to fall into place for the perfect celebration. You’ll find that an MC Wedding Run Sheet can be a lifesaver.  

But that’s not all. I mean, not every wedding is going to run the same way, and, let’s admit, “life happens”. There will be things that don’t go according to plan on the day. Being aware of some of these common pitfalls can keep things running smoothly.


1)         Maintain updated MC Wedding Run Sheet versions 

In the lead-up to the big event, you’ll be making countless updates and amendments to the Run Sheet timings. Then you’ll need to circulate the updates to your key stakeholders so that they can arrange their own schedules. Just make sure that each update is clearly labelled with a version number to avoid confusion around which one is the most current.

2)         Keep the list of key events in order 

So, you’ve listed all of the important moments that you want your wedding to contain, and then the music you’d like, and then the people who’ll have roles to play. But on the day, the MC needs to be able to follow along from start to finish in an easy flow. Compile the MC Wedding Run Sheet so that the key moments and accompanying notes are sorted in the exact chronological order they’re planned to occur. 

3)         Match the MC Wedding Run Sheet with the Reception Venue’s plan 

You’ve sorted out all of your timings and are happy with the planned flow of your special day. But what happens when the Reception Venue has a different idea? It’s so important to check-in with the venue and compare the final Run Sheet for consistency, about 48 hours before the wedding. Particularly check that meal service and plate clearing don’t clash with speeches. 

4)         Ensure everyone is “on the same page”

 Don’t leave people guessing, or assume that everyone else will follow your lead. At the start of the wedding, distribute copies of the final MC Wedding Run Sheet to other vendors, for example, the photographer, videographer, performers, etc. This communication clearly ensures all of your wedding vendors on the night are on "the same page" for creating your memorable celebration.


Thanks so much for making our wedding reception run so smoothly. Let’s Marry did a fantastic job and made things so easy. Highly recommended.  Made our night perfect.”
- Natalia and Cole

5)         Set the scene and background mood

You can help set the scene for the Ceremony and build anticipation by having background atmosphere music for your guests, say 30min prior to the Bride walking down the aisle. Likewise make your guests feel welcome and ready to enjoy themselves with some background tunes comfortably before the start of the Reception. 

6)         Add more memories to your Wedding Reception Entrance 

Why not enjoy your favourite part of that important song for your very special entrance? The Wedding Party’s Reception Entrance might only take 90 seconds or so. The song to be played then for this moment might only need a verse plus a chorus (and not the entire song), so ensure the most meaningful lyrics are set to play for you. 

7)         Flexibility is key – except when it’s not 

During the Reception, be prepared for the MC Wedding Run Sheet to be slightly flexible. Unexpected things will always happen, and it’s important that any on-the-night changes are communicated immediately to the wedding couple and other vendors. Just be aware of the meal service timing at the Reception Venue, which cannot be easily changed. 

8)         Ah, the Wedding Dance. It’s your party…! 

The Wedding Dance can be a little daunting for some couples. Knowing that there are no rules about how this is done, can take the pressure off. Some might choose to have the dance at the very start of the Reception (even upon the couple’s entrance and before sitting at the Wedding Table) whilst other couples choose for this moment to be after the speeches. It's your wedding and so the timing of the Wedding Dance is your choice! 

9)         Clearly recorded speeches make for great memories 

You’re capturing memories to enjoy for years to come. So it's important the speeches are said without distractions and are easily videoed. Be careful that any clearing of plates, etc by the catering staff is finalised before the speeches. You’ll avoid the distracting noises of clashing plates, and lessen the chances of catering staff accidentally photo-bombing the speech videos. 

We cannot thank you enough for your MC services you provided at our location wedding! You were amazing and helped us so much on the day and also in the lead up. Highly recommend Let’s Marry for all your MC requirements. Thanks so much!”
- Jasmine and Jason

10)      Don’t wear out your welcome – aim to finish on time 

Now that the main event has gone off without a hitch – except of course the part about getting hitched – there’s still one thing to keep an eye on, getting away before being charged for extra time. The wedding couple should aim to finalise their good-byes (e.g. the Guard of Honour) about 15min before the closing time that was booked with the venue. This then gives enough time for the guests to happily leave the venue by the close of the evening. 

You’re all set for a day to remember 

Yes, there’s a lot involved in preparing for such a special day to remember. Thinking ahead can help create an exceptional experience for the happy couple and guests, as well as save stress, headaches and extra costs.  

Over to you 

If you’re thinking by now that having an experienced MC on board your wedding team would be ideal, then we’re here to help. We’ve been through all of the above and more, so you wouldn’t even need to think about what could go wrong – we’ve got you covered. To replace your wedding stresses with great wedding memories, simply click here.


 “Having Let’s Marry perform the MC duties at our wedding was one of the wisest choices we’ve ever made. They made the entire reception run smoothly and with literally zero stress. Our MC allowed us to enjoy the night to the fullest, whilst keeping us in the loop in relation to timing of events. He was funny, engaging and a pleasure to work with.”
- Renee and Leo


Stress-Free Wedding Event Planning

Your wedding is the best day of your life. However, as any former bride or groom will tell you, it is also one of the most stressful. With so many small details to organise, and immense pressure to make the day perfect, it’s no wonder wedding planning is one of the most trying times a couple will experience. Don’t panic! It doesn’t have to be this way. At Let’s Marry, our talented staff can help you plan every aspect of your big day.


Read on for our stress-free wedding event planning tips.


Consider a Single Location – By choosing a location offering accommodation, ceremony and reception capabilities, you’ll save money, cut down on time and eliminate the nightmare of transporting all your guests between different venues.


Be Flexible on Your Wedding Date – While most couples select a meaningful date (i.e. the anniversary of their first date, Valentine’s Day, etc.) and book their wedding at least a year out, there is significant bargaining power to be had if you have a shorter timeline.


Booking your wedding venue sooner (i.e. four or five months out), can save you up to half the cost of room hire, food and more. This is because wedding venues aim to fill all dates and you can snag quite a bargain if you’re willing to be flexible.


Attend Bridal Expos Early in Your Engagement – The best way to get inspired for your big day is to see options firsthand. Plus, at most expos, you’ll also be able to enter raffles and giveaways where you could win a honeymoon, a free wedding gown and more.


Book as Many Services as You Can with a Single Vendor – If your wedding planner also coordinates, floral arrangements, Bonbonniere (wedding favours), and invitations, for example, you can score a substantial discount by bundling these services together. Also, by booking the majority of services with a single vendor, you’ll often have room to negotiate on price.


Show Rather Than Tell Your Vendors What You Want – There are hundreds of shades of blue, for instance. So, if you have your heart set on a particular variation of the colour, bring fabric samples along to your meeting with the wedding planner to show them precisely what you want.


Address Thank You Notes Ahead of Time – This is a true time-saver and will give you one less post-wedding worry. Writing thank you notes before the big day is the perfect way to show friends and family who cannot make it to the wedding (but still want to send a present) how much you care.


And, if you’re super organised, you can address all of the thank you notes for each of your guests ahead of time. A little forward planning will help you avoid one of the most common mistakes newlyweds make, i.e. not taking the time to thank guests for their generous gifts and attendance.


If you’re interested in a stress-free wedding planning experience call our talented Let’s Marry team today on 1300 LET SSS (1300 538 777).


What a Wedding MC Should Do

As your wedding is the most important day of your life, it’s imperative that everything goes exactly to plan. While there are some things you cannot control (i.e. your uncle’s over-enthusiastic toast, for instance), some things can be planned to ensure the day runs smoothly.


Surprisingly, the very thing that ties a wedding ceremony together is something most couples overlook – appointing an experienced Master of Ceremonies (MC). By now, you’re probably asking “what is a wedding MC, and what do they do?” Read on to discover the difference an experienced wedding MC can make to your big day.


Wedding Pre-Planning – As your wedding date draws nearer, you’ll notice the difference a professional MC can make. For instance, a month before the wedding reception, your wedding MC will meet with you and your partner, to discuss each and every detail of the reception, and compile a “run sheet” to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.  Following that, a week prior your wedding date, your MC will meet with you again to make any final changes to the run sheet.


Uses a Run Sheet – The run sheet is a complete breakdown of every component of the evening. It details which events happen in which order, and how long everything is expected to take. The mark of a truly organised wedding MC is a meticulously detailed run sheet - which shows the precise order of arrivals, speeches, cutting of the cake, etc. This document takes a little planning; however, it will bring order to the biggest day of your life.


Keeps Communication Open – Your wedding MC is responsible for communicating with everyone involved in the reception. What distinguishes an experienced MC from your cousin or best mate, is the ability to communicate with everyone on a personal level.

One of the MC’s responsibilities is to communicate appropriately to your guests (whether that’s through microphone announcements or speaking to guests personally, moving from table to table). He will also communicate effectively with reception staff, by introducing the manager, chef, serving staff, DJ and others to the crowd, as required.


Has a “Plan B” – While with proper preparation, everything should run smoothly, almost every wedding has at least one incident which throws things a little off course (be it an argument between in-laws, or a speech that carries on a little too long). If some unforeseen event takes place, a talented wedding MC has a foolproof contingency plan in place to ensure speeches, dances, and cake cutting, etc. continue without a hitch.


Announcements – Finally, the MC will give the night direction by announcing all important events to the crowd. Firstly, as you enter the reception room, the MC will introduce you to your guests as husband and wife.


At the commencement of the evening, the MC will announce “housekeeping” matters (i.e. the order of events, etc.) to the crowd. And, the MC will announce all events (i.e. the cutting of the cake, the garter and bouquet tossing, wedding dance, after party, and more).


To ensure everything goes to plan and you enjoy every second of your wedding, call the experts at Let’s Marry on 1300 LET SSS (1300 538 777) and secure a professional wedding MC today.

Top 6 Reasons to Get Married in Brisbane

So, you’ve finally found your perfect match. Your partner swept you off your feet with a spectacularly flashy proposal, and now you have a sparkling ring on your finger. If you believe the movies, then that’s it, right? Everything magically falls into place, and you can live happily ever after with your spouse, with nothing else to think about. Wrong! It’s definitely time for a wedding planning reality check!

Along with the dress, flowers and celebrant, the location you choose for your big day ultimately sets the tone for your wedding overall. Here at Let’s Marry, we believe there is no better backdrop to exchange your vows than Brisbane, Queensland. Read on for the top six reasons to get hitched in beautiful Brissie.

1. Perfect Weather – Boasting almost 300 days of sunshine each year, Brisbane definitely lives up to the saying: “beautiful one day, perfect the next”. The city’s temperate climate ensures you can tie the knot at almost any time of year, more often than not, featuring a spectacularly sunny backdrop. The beautiful weather has another added benefit: you can plan the idyllic outdoor ceremony you have always dreamed of.

2. Many Venue Choices – One of the greatest benefits of getting married in Brisbane is you are genuinely spoilt for choice. Whichever backdrop you wish to recite your vows under, this beautiful city has the ideal location for you.

Whether your dream wedding includes a picturesque outdoor location, or stylish indoor ceremony, our talented consultants can help you find the perfect venue to suit your unique style and overall vision for the special day.

Marry in Brisbane, and you can choose anything from a beachfront wedding, to a wedding in a castle, historic church, parklands, or anything in between. And, the best part is, there are no legal restrictions on where you hold your nuptials.

3. Great Food/Catering – At Let’s Marry, we believe that catering is a vital component of your wedding day. Food unites people – it gives them a chance to get together and celebrate, and no occasion does this better than at a wedding reception. And, the best part is you don’t have to travel far for quality cuisine – Brisbane is home to an abundance of excellent catering companies.

You’ll be truly spoilt for choice, with a wide selection of fresh, wholesome food, made from high quality, locally sourced ingredients. Brisbane caterers offer everything from casual finger food to platters, grazing stations, buffets, to formal, three-course meals.

Whether you’re planning a black-tie or casual reception (or anything in between), you’re sure to find the perfect catering solution for your special day.  

4. Wedding Dress Options – Selecting your perfect wedding dress is one of the most enjoyable aspects of wedding planning. However, choosing your wedding gown is much more than a pre-wedding ritual – it is an iconic moment that you will treasure forever.


5. Location for Photos – Brisbane is known as a picturesque city, for very good reason. It's awesome sunrises and sunsets, coupled with Brisbane’s even climate ensure your wedding photos will look spectacular no matter the time of year. Here are some of the city’s most iconic locations for wedding photos:

Botanic Gardens – Considered Brisbane’s premier subtropical gardens, the Botanic Gardens feature many iconic backdrops for wedding photos. These include a Japanese garden, exotic rainforest, temperate gardens and more.

The Brisbane Powerhouse – Located on the northern banks of the Brisbane River, the Powerhouse is an art and cultural hub, as well as a stunning wedding photo destination. If you want to avoid the traditional wedding nature shots, the Powerhouse is perfect for couples seeking an edgy, urban feel.

Old Government House – The epitome of old-world charm and elegance, Old Government House is ideal for couples who appreciate architectural style. For a scene directly out of a fairy tale, take your photos inside, amid the stunning chandeliers and dramatic spiral staircases.

6. Stay for Your Honeymoon – In the past, planning your honeymoon was often a time-consuming chore. It used to take countless hours to search for honeymoon destinations online and compare accommodation and airfare prices. Well, not anymore!

Whether you want to explore Brisbane’s picturesque mountain ranges and verdant valleys or enjoy a few lazy days by the pool, the River City has the honeymoon getaway you’ve been dreaming of.

Offering an optimum mix of culture, traditional beauty, a bustling nightlife, pristine beaches, wondrous islands and a breathtaking natural park, Brisbane is the ideal honeymoon destination.

The River City is brimming with activities to suit every taste and budget. Why not spend a day discovering Brisbane’s intriguing past at the Early Street Historical Village, catch a glimpse of the city on a romantic river cruise, or view the city from above on a helicopter ride?

To make your once in a lifetime honeymoon experience complete, stroll through Roma Street Parklands with your sweetheart, following it up with a visit to the Queensland Art Gallery and the Museum of Modern Art.

For more fantastic ideas and support planning your dream wedding in Brisbane, call the friendly and experienced team at Let’s Marry on 1300 LET SSS (1300 538 777)

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Celebrant

Helpful Hints for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Celebrant


Although it sounds like a cliché, planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful and time-consuming events of your life. It can also be one of the happiest if you are organised and are teamed up with the right people to help make the process easy and stress-free.

As planning for and organising a wedding is a long process, you’ll find that you quickly develop a relationship with key contacts, such as your wedding celebrant. However, don’t forget that choosing the person who will officiate your wedding and oversee your nuptials, is a careful selection and planning process in itself.

Here at Let’s Marry, we’ve made the selection process that little bit easier by providing a list of questions every future bride and groom should ask when choosing a wedding celebrant. Read on for all our handy hints and Brisbane wedding celebrant recommendations.


Can I proof my ceremony wording before the wedding? If so, when?

The precise wording and flow of your ceremony will leave a lasting impact on your guests as well as become a fantastic memory for you as newlyweds. Proofing the ceremony wording ensures:

•    There are no unexpected “surprises” on the day!

•    You know how the day will flow and exactly what to expect, allowing you to relax and enjoy your day.

•    You can customise the wording, so the ceremony reflects who you are as a couple.

•    You can rest assured the celebrant won’t confuse you with another couple and will get your love story and names and relevant information 100% correct.

If I take my husband’s surname, who submits my application for a marriage certificate?

To receive your official marriage certificate, there is paperwork which must be completed and submitted to the marriage registry.  However, as your celebrant is authorised to sight your official identification, they can submit your completed application form to Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) on your behalf.

This eliminates the hassle of going to the BDM office armed with a stack of identification, or having to have documentation witnessed by a Justice of the Peace then waiting for a postal application to be processed.

We want to write our own vows. Will our Celebrant help us get started?

The hallmark of a good wedding celebrant is having the tools to help you write unique, personal vows. Not just random vows found through a Google search.

An experienced wedding celebrant will be able to provide examples and templates to help make the process easier. They are often able to suggest choice Bible verses or poems to incorporate or use as readings during your service.


What insurance do you have?

This is one of the first questions you should ask any prospective wedding celebrant. A compliant celebrant will have:

  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

  • Hold a copyright licence.

  • A PA system which meets current legal requirements.


Is there anything I’m required to include in the ceremony aside from legal wording?

The answer to this question should be “no”. However, if your celebrant insists you must include a “giving away”, “exchange of rings”, an “asking”, or insists the ceremony should run for a certain period of time, this demonstrates a lack of flexibility.


Will we incur a late fee if the bride or groom is late to arrive?

Your celebrant should outline how long they feel it acceptable to wait for the bride or groom within the service agreement.  As some celebrants perform multiple weddings a day, late fees are included in their contract to deter either the bride or groom from arriving too late. However, we understand that life happens, and lateness may be out of your control. So, you should ask your celebrant for any relevant terms and conditions relating to arrival time.

In the event, you are unable to perform the wedding, what arrangements do you have in place?

At Let’s Marry, we want your wedding day to run as smoothly as possible. That’s why you should ask if your celebrant has a suitably qualified backup celebrant in place in the event they are unable to perform your ceremony due to unforeseen circumstances.


Our Top Brisbane Wedding Celebrant Recommendations

We understand that selecting a wedding celebrant is one of the most important (and often difficult) choices you will make. So, we’re here to make that decision much easier when deciding on the top Brisbane wedding celebrants.

For more information about choosing the perfect wedding celebrant or planning your wedding day, call the friendly team at Let’s Marry on 1300 LET SSS (1300 538 777).

Real Bride Interview: Why Hiring a Brisbane Wedding MC Was The Best Decision I Made.


Contrary to popular belief, not all couples preparing to tie the knot have an extensive entourage of family and friends, available to help plan and provide support in the lead-up to the big day.

For the time-poor Bride-to-be, this lack of assistance can add immense pressure to an already overwhelming event-planning experience.

We recently interviewed, Sarah Brookes a self-confessed time-poor Bride, about how she juggled her busy work commitments and home life with planning for her dream wedding.


Q: Describe your work-life balance leading up to your wedding?

A: As a National Sales Manager for a busy home décor company, I was travelling every other week in the lead up to our Brisbane wedding. My fiancé, now husband, was working in the mines in North Queensland and was away for periods of 4-6 weeks at a time. This coupled with the fact that both our families live interstate, made for a very stressful time initially when I was considering who I had available to help me plan a smooth and successful wedding.


Q: What was the best decision you made during the planning stages of your wedding?

A: We didn’t have extra money to spend on a dedicated wedding planner, however, a friend suggested I hire a professional Brisbane Wedding MC instead. This was by far the best decision I made and one that I have recommended to other friends since. I previously thought that a Wedding MC was simply a relative or close family friend that introduced the speeches and welcomed the guests. How wrong I was!


Q: How did having a Wedding MC help you prepare for your big day?

A: Our wedding MC was supplied by the fantastic team at Let's Marry in Brisbane. We had the opportunity to meet with our chosen Master of Ceremonies well in advance to our wedding date at a time that suited both of us. During this meeting, we got to know one another and were able to discuss our vision for the wedding, the run sheet, as well as the type of guests we had invited. It was incredibly reassuring to see our MC taking lots of notes during this meeting, ensuring that he got our preferences and specific instructions 100% correct.


Q: Did having a professional wedding MC assist you in finding the best deals in Brisbane?

A: The other fantastic thing about hiring a Brisbane wedding MC from the Let’s Marry team was the local knowledge that comes part of their specialist Brisbane and Gold Coast service. They provided insights and tips regarding who the best wedding celebrants were in our area, what we should be paying for venue hire as well as the best photography locations adjacent to our wedding venue at Kangaroo Point, just over the river from New Farm, Teneriffe and Newstead.

I quickly realised that most wedding suppliers know each other. A personal referral or well-timed ‘name drop’ helped me negotiate the best rates for catering as well as our bridal wedding dance lessons with the talented Let’s Dance Co team, also based in Brisbane.

I wouldn’t have had the confidence or knowledge to do any of this if I hadn’t of engaged the services of a Let’s Marry professional MC.


Q: What duties did your MC perform during your wedding reception that made the evening special?

A: Other than being completely organised and punctual, our Let’s Marry MC was an invaluable part of ensuring our day ran to plan. We had our ceremony and wedding reception in close proximity to each other, so our MC was on hand at the reception venue to firstly liaise with hotel staff and management, before welcoming and expertly directing our guests as they arrived post ceremony.

As well as facilitating the smooth running of the reception formalities (including bridal party arrival, speeches, cutting of the cake, bridal dance etc) our MC seamlessly acted as our liaison with the catering and hotel staff, ensuring that all practical matters were taken care of, leaving us to enjoy our night with our family and friends.

For more information on planning your dream wedding, hiring a professional wedding MC or tips of the trade, contact the team at today!


3 Fun & Physical Hen's Party Ideas for Brisbane Brides

Hen's Party Ideas:

Throwing a Hen’s Party, the girls will remember doesn’t have to entail tacky party games, strippers and unmentionable party paraphernalia... Brisbane brides and their entourage can still dance the night away by selecting from a fantastic range of fun and physical Hen’s party ideas that steer clear of the nightclub scene.

We spoke with the team from Let’s Dance Co in Brisbane, to get the lowdown on the best dance classes, guaranteed to have you laughing as well as learning some hot new moves during your Hen’s Party!

The Salsa Hen’s Party

Spice up your Hen’s night by learning some hot Latin-inspired dance moves during your very own Salsa Hen’s Party!

Classes can be easily tailored to suit the size of your group as well as any previous dance experience. Make sure you brief you instructor on these specifics to ensure the class seamlessly accommodates all attendees, regardless of age and ability.

Most Salsa party packages, such as the ones hosted by Let’s Dance Co, come with a qualified Latin dance instructor, DJ and all sound equipment. The Let’s Dance team also offer a mobile package, which is great if you want to hold the class in your own home or another party venue.

During your class, your instructor will cover the basics of Salsa dancing, including step-by-step and technical elements that will ensure you’re Cha, Cha, Cha-ing in no time.

Incorporating passion and flare into your technique is all part of the fun of Salsa dancing. So having some prizes for the ‘sexiest Salsa,’ or ‘best Latin attitude’ are great ways to dispel any nerves during the class. A glass of Champagne here and there will also assist with any participant jitters!

Let’s Dance Co Tip: Let your hair down, strike a pose and show some Latin attitude on the dance floor!

The Dirty Dancing Routine

For the Bride, looking to inject some serious wow-factor into their Hen’s Party and wedding combined, why not consider learning a group dance that you can perform on your big day?

Learning the moves to an epic wedding routine from your favourite movie or Broadway show is a fantastic way to surprise and delight your wedding guests during the reception. Choreographed dance routines such as the ‘Time of my life’ number from Dirty Dancing is an ever-popular choice as It combines roles for groups of males and females, as well as the featured couple.

Couples interested in joining their Hen's and Bucks parties together will enjoy hours of fun and entertainment, getting to know each other while taking on the sultry moves made famous by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

Let’s Dance Co Tip: Make the lessons a surprise for the Bridal Party, or participants, simply telling them to turn up in their retro-inspired dance clothes to a secret location.

For more on these dance styles, lessons and Hen’s Party ideas, contact the friendly team at